Mali Music premieres new single “Ready, Aim” during an exclusive showcase at The ARC Theater


Mali Music blew away the audience Wednesday night at The ARC Theater during an exclusive showcase for his Forthcoming EP, Mali Is.

With influences from the vibes of Bob Marley, the soul of James Brown and the artistry of Michael Jackson, it is no wonder how Mali is able to transcend generations and captivate audiences.

“Your music tells a story. Where does that inspiration come from?” asked Billy Johnson of Yahoo Music.

Mali answered, “It’s the story of a person that affects me the most. When I meet someone I want to know their story. How can you appreciate the end result without knowing what it took to get there?”

Mali described his storytelling as “salty and sugary but medicine all at the same time.” As his performance progressed, attendees saw his medicine at work: from the soft soothing repetitive whispers of the crowd singing “Nothing is Impossible”, to the uncontrollable applause at the end of “Fight For You”, as well as the head nodding during “Royalty” that could rival that of a crowd at a rock-and-roll concert.


Leading up to his preview of the new single “Ready, Aim”, Mali sat down with Pastor Touré Roberts. In an unforgettable moment, Mali explained that before a person can pursue their dream, they have to become whole. They have to discover who they are and move only after a word from God.

“I told myself I will not say anything until I am given something to say. Sometimes you have to stay at home and eat that peanut butter and jelly sandwich”, Mali explained.

As he prepared to preview his new single, Mali explained the metaphors in the song:

“In this new season, metaphors are so important when you want to bring a person to God. In this song I wanted to get into what happens to you when you become who God calls you to be. You may see resistance. The enemy will throw its best shot at you and it can try but it cannot stop you!”


The contagious energy coming from the band and the words pouring out from Mali’s soul moved the crowd. The audience jumped up and down, heads bobbed and people sang the words projected on the monitor as if they had heard the song several times over. When the song ended, the applause brought the band to an encore.

“FIRE! You can’t shoot me down. You can’t stop me now!” the crowd sang.

Mali’s new single “Ready, Aim” will be available on iTunes on February 13th.

– Christie Black

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